Monday, February 27, 2006


So my adventure into blogging begins... again. Yes, I've been talked into it once again (although it didn't really take much) and no, you can't see my previous attempts at it and no, there really wasn't much to see. So now you can all read about the oh so important events in my life. And for those looking for one of my patented rants, I'll be keeping those to a minimum and going with much more mild ranting. Since I've decided to avoid certain subjects that would normally start one of said rants they will most likely be kept to private discussions.

So instead, I'll rant about less important things like my constant fight against the pools of water that form under my bedroom windows. And my losing battle to the cold air return ducts in my condo which enjoyed waking me up at 3:30am this morning with constant banging (adjusting themselves as the furnace shuts off) as well as the heating ducts that also seem to be taking their side. And I just know that they're laughing on the inside as they quietly sit there whenever someone comes by to fix them and ends up leaving because if he can't hear it, he can't fix it.

And if you're really fortunate I might pass along some really useful information like my reviews of frozen dinners. I'm trying out some of the President's Choice Blue Menu dinners... isn't that exciting?

So stay tuned true believers (I'm assuming all non-true believers stopped reading this after the first sentence).



e said...

If I skipped to the bottom, do I still get counted as a true believer, or am I one of the fallen?

Darrell said...

Nah, you're more like one of those guys who goes to church to pick up women.

Jason Morrison said...

Yikes! Picking up church women can be dangerous. I mean I have heard it can be dangerous, oh who am I kidding I am a true believer and I have the collection to prove it. Umm, not a collection of women....