Friday, October 13, 2006

Comic Reviews for October 11th, 2006 SPOILERS

Only one book this week, Civil War Frontline #7. And since I got work to do, let's get right to it.

Civil War: Frontline #7 -- First, a recap of the issue. We begin with Ben Uerich's storyline, he's covering the Speedball visitting Congress story (which we know from the previous issue leads to Speedball being shot) but while he's doing so, the media is an uproar. It seems that Tony's recruitment of villains has been leaked and it's now the number one story. And then of course, Speedball is shot. Another story focusses on the other reporter who is being detained and questioned about her meeting with anti-registration heroes. A senator comes in, gives a story about how he's a military hero and attempts to convince the reporter the registration is a good thing and necessary. And the "kicker", he had passed her a note at the beginning and after she accuses him of trying to trick her she opens the note and it says something like "You'll accuse me of trying to trick you." Ooh!! He must be psychic. No, it was obvious she would accuse him of that. When that big reveal was done in the book I thought "What the heck??? That's the big 'oooh' moment??? That sucked!" And that makes her doubt herself? Ok, enough reviewing and back to recapping. We also have the story of Wonder Man who is found in a pile of wreckage surrounded by the Atlanteans that were shown in earlier issues. Flashback and we see that it was the Green Goblin who killed them all and took out Wonder Man (wow! Green Goblin is being shown some respect here for taking out these Atlanteans and Wonder Man in no time at all). By the way, I can't remember the order of the stories so I might be jumping around a bit. We get Speedball's story continue with him being treated on the steps and then loaded into an ambulance while he seems to be narrating a letter to his mother. Then the ambulance takes off without police escort (Hello! This is the guy you are accusing of killing over 600 people, at least give him an escort for his protection and for the people). In the ambulance a bunch of weird stuff happens (with She-Hulk riding along) that seems to be his powers kicking in again. The ambulance crashes. Jump to another setting where we see Osborn meeting with a shadowy figure who is giving him some serum (or something) to block out the nano-stuff that the pro-reg side has been using to keep tabs on him. They discuss some sort of plan and Osborn asks a bunch of questions about why they should trust each other. Then the shadowy figure's mouth is shown when he talks about betrayal from the last person they would suspect (could it be Reed Richards? Or Tony Stark? But I didn't see a mustache). And of course, we get the mirroring of the Green Goblin/Atlantean attack with a battle from history.

All in all, this book has so much potential. It delivers on so many key elements but then fails on others. I'm into each storyline and I'm really intrigued as to what's going on but the format is still bugging the crap out of me. With so many short stories and the jumping around in the timeline I'm trying to piece everything together (like the media going nuts about the villains being recruited yet the police are confused when Wonder Man says it was the Green Goblin in his storyline). And the note that the senator gave the reporter was just lame, lame, lame. I really wish this book was cleaned up a bit in those parts and then it would really good.

Oh, and for those who watched CSI last night. Why the heck did they resort to casting Kevin Federline? He ruined that show for me. Other than him, I really liked it but every scene he was in I cringed. No, it's not because he's Kevin Federline, it's because he has no acting ability.

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