Monday, January 22, 2007

We are the champions!

Wow, a post not related to comics! Yesterday my ball hockey team played in the league championship game and won. We had a rough season with 3 players going down to various injuries and 2 replacements coming in mid-season but we fought hard during the playoffs. We had a few really close calls earlier in the playoffs with one game going to a shootout and one game where we tied it up with less than a minute to play and took the lead with 20 seconds remaining. Yesterday's game we won 6 to 3 but it was a tense game.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous going into it. When I went out for my first shift my heart was already racing. Which I know is silly for recreational hockey but I really wanted to win this. We had a lot of players who had never played for the championship (including me) much less won it. Even the league organizer, who is on our team and has been running the league for 14 seasons or 7 years now, had never made it this far. But with incredibly solid goaltending and every contributing in both the offensive and defensive zones, we pulled through.

I'm looking forward to the end of season banquet this Friday. And there's no rest for the wicked as next season's draft happens tomorrow (Tuesday) and the new season starts Sunday.

Oh yeah, our team name was the Bruins. As a Canadiens fan it's bitter sweet to know that we're adding "The Bruins" to the list of championship teams. But oh well, what can you do.

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