Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekly Comic Reviews for September 30th, 2009 -- SPOILERS

I know I'm late getting these posted, it's been a pretty hectic week.

Son of Hulk #15 -- Everything points to the Son of Hulk trying to get Galactus' attention for a final showdown but it seems to be taking a while to get there. There seems to be a lot going on that just doesn't feel important to the overall story. Maybe it will be later but for now, I'm just not feeling it. And it's weird, I feel in some ways it's well written, I just don't really care for these three legged people and what's going on with them. I've said in the past I would give the series a few issues to see where it goes, and it's getting close to those "few issues" being done and me dropping this title. I'll probably see it through to issue 17 (to see if the "climactic installment" is worth it).

Runaways #14 -- I've been rather critical of this book the last few issues. This issue seemed somewhat better in some ways but still felt off. It felt like I knew what they were trying to do with this issue but still came across rather messy and confusing. And as the supposed conclusion to the current arc I found it failed. It felt like it resolved none of the story and just started up new questions. Like who is this girl who looks like Gertrude and may have her own raptor but doesn't respond to Gert, an unknowing twin or something? And then there's the cliffhanger with Chase. It felt more like the start of a new story arc was thrown in so we didn't need to finish the previous storyline. I hear the book is being sidelined while they retool it, I'm not sure I'll be back after the retooling. I'll most likely drop it in the monthly format, wait to see what I hear, and maybe pick up the digests/TPBs.

I also picked up High Moon but I don't think I'll be posting another review, I've talked about that book enough and it's just a print version of what you can find on the website. I think they've improved the print version in comparison to Bayou's print version. I still don't think it matches the web version but I find it's an improvement over Bayou's version. But now I have a print version to put on my bookshelf. And it comes just in time for the newest chapter of High Moon to kick off on Zuda.

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