Sunday, July 22, 2012


I know I'm a bit late with this but here's some thoughts I had on this year's Comic-Con. First up, watching the news from it and seeing all the pictures really gets me eager for Fan Expo to get started, even if Fan Expo really can't compare. There were a few comic tidbits from the show that I was interested in, I don't really remember being interested in the comic announcements of previous years. Most of the Marvel/DC stuff just went in one ear and other the other ("Oh, more Avengers vs X-Men stuff/fallout? Yippee!", "More sneak peeks at Before Watchmen stuff? Yay!") though I am curious what Dale Keown will be doing with Marvel, I figure it has to be just covers. I will be picking up the A-Babies vs X-Babies because I'm funny that way. And I'm probably going to pick up the Red She-Hulk series (once she takes over for the Red Hulk in his book), Matt Fraction really made her more interesting to me in the Defenders book. Image announced a fair amount of books though. It's interesting to see some new creators going their way.

I think that if Image plays their cards right, and with a bunch of creators talking more and more about doing creator owned stuff, they might start giving Marvel and/or DC a real run for their money in terms of unit sales and money. The "Big Two" may not be Marvel and DC in a couple years. Though Marvel or DC could try to counter this with their own creator owned stuff (DC could make Vertigo more creator owner friendly), but who knows.

But the big news for me was Neil Gaiman returning to Sandman next year. I was going to start a Sandman re-read in the fall (once the final book gets reprinted), maybe I'll hold off so I can finish the re-read right when this volume 0 comes out in 2013.

All in all, it looked like a pretty decent Comic-Con for comic news.

Now I have to get back to reading Locke and Key volume 5.

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