Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Quick Update

Yes, I've gone quiet for a little while yet again. So just a quick update on what I've been reading. I started "The Casual Vacancy" but being a slow reader to start and due to the nature of the book (a lot of characters being introduced right off the start, that always slows me down as I go back and forth to keep track of who I'm reading about) it's going to take me a little while.

I also read "Terry Moore's How To Draw". Moore is a great storyteller (as you may know, I really enjoyed Strangers in Paradise and now Rachel Rising) and this book is an excellent (and pretty quick) read for aspiring artists. It's only a few lessons and doesn't go into too much detail but they are really good lessons. I'll be keeping this book close as I continue on my own comics/art.

Next up will probably be the Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 2.

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