Monday, August 26, 2013

Fan Expo 2013 Recap

I won't bother with any photos, you can find that sort of stuff on my Twitter account. But here's a bit of a recap of my weekend...

Thursday: Started off with plenty of confusion as security and volunteers admitted to having no idea what was going on. Many didn't understand that there were various forms of weekend passes (VIP, Premium, and Deluxe) that had different benefits and such. But Thursday was mostly a shopping day. Got a Hellboy hardcover (signed in person by Mike Mignola), Skullkickers volumes 1 and 2 (signed in person by Jim Zub), Astro City: The Dark Age 1 and 2, some Fan Expo exclusives (Hellboy and Firefly t-shirts and the Rocketeer/Spirit comic), and prints from Agnes Garbowska, Mike Rooth, and Christopher Uminga.

Friday: More confusion from the security and volunteers but let's move past that. Friday we had the Steve Epting/Stuart Immonen sketching duel where they (somewhat reluctantly) drew Rocket Raccoon. Both rocked their sketches. Other than that, more shopping. Picked up books from Becky Cloonan (the Mire, Wolves, Demeter) and from Steve Niles (Breath of Bones 1-3).

Saturday: Have I mentioned the confusion? But despite that, things actually ran fairly smoothly inside the con. There were delays when trying to get from one place to another (some intentional I've heard, to control crowding issues) but things seem to run fairly smoothly. Saturday was a photo-op with Nathan Fillian/Gina Torres (who were super nice and awesome as you hope they would be) as well as the sketching duel between Andy Belanger, Stephen Platt, and Yanick Paquette (Cary Nord missed it). The duel was lots of fun and each was great with the crowd, especially Belanger and Paquette. If either of those two are involved in a duel or panel at a con you can pretty much count me in.

Sunday: First up, photo op with Ron Perlman. Super nice guy. In fact, I heard so many great stories about all the celebrities there. Tim Sale couldn't make it so Tony Moore took his place in a sketching duel vs Dave Johnson. The duel quickly moved to a more adult tone in stories but whatever. The Deadpool sketches were great. Then it was a bit more shopping (I bought some Hulk buttons).

All in all, I didn't really have a lot of must see celebrities or events I felt were necessary but I really enjoyed a bit more of a relaxing Fan Expo where I could spend quite a bit more time shopping and just seeing the sights. And by the end, I wasn't nearly as worn out as I usually am by the fourth day. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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