Friday, March 03, 2006

Another quick update

The guy came by to check on my duct/floor banging problem and of course, it doesn't bang. It seems to only do it when we get below -20C (not including the windchill). The odd time it might do some soft banging but that's the only time it's consistent (and loud enough to wake me up). So there's nothing he can do without hearing it for himself. He was kind enough to give me his home phone number as he lives just around the corner but I don't expect we'll be getting cold enough weather any time soon. I'm also planning to borrow my parents' video camera just in case. I really just want someone else to hear it just to prove I'm not totally crazy.

Changing the topic abruptly, I'm looking into joining the fitness facility at work. It's not a great place and has very little in the way of equipment but it's cheap and very few people seem to be using it. I had been going with my cousin to a gym he was a member of that had a lot of equipment and wasn't being used so I've been a little spoiled in that way. But alas, our schedules (mostly his) don't allow for us to get together so I have to make due on my own somehow. And despite the lack of equipment at our facility I can at least do something and that's better than nothing right? I'm not really looking to buff up or anything but I had been doing a fair amount of cardio as of late (hockey, badminton, and tennis) and have been told that adding a little bit of weight training would help put me in better shape (both in losing the tummy and adding a little bit more muscle... not to the point of being buff but to the point where my arms aren't toothpicks). Before I started with the gym I normally weighed in around the 165 pound mark. Now I'm floating around 154/155. But I keep trying to tell myself that it's not about the numbers, it's about looking good naked.

And if you see my brother today feel free to kick him in the arse. It's his birthday and that's the tradition isn't it? I had been hoping to get some drawing done as I'm way behind schedule on my comic but that ain't going to happen tonight. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.


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