Thursday, August 31, 2006

Follow up to my previous post

So I wrote up a review for "Now You Know" on the Chapters website and submitted it. And I've waited... and waited... and waited. But no sign of my review after a few days. So either there was a technical glitch and my review got lost, they're slowly processing the reviews before posting them, or my review was rejected for some unknown reason.

I guess I'll try posting on Amazon instead (yeah, I'm bitter that I wasted money on this book).

Another update: Can't do that either. I haven't bought from Amazon in a long long time (and they actually don't have a record of the books I bought back when I was doing my Master's) so it won't let me review on their site.

Yet another update: (not .com) allowed me to submit a review. Now I wait and see if it gets accepted. Yes, I get too worked up about these things.

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