Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekly Reviews for August 30th -- Mostly comics

I'll try to make this quick. I picked up two comics (She-Hulk and Captain Canuck), have only read one (She-Hulk), but will be reviewing both. Confused yet? And the non-comic (sorta) reviews will be for Wizard (and mostly the 7 page preview for the Mighty Avengers) and HorrorClix (a new miniatures game from Wizkids).

She-Hulk #11 -- Well, the reason that Starfox's powers seemed to be effecting people without Starfox knowing it is finally resolved. It still leaves the question was Starfox using his powers when he and She-Hulk... well, you know. Overall, this book was a good book but not as good as the series has been. But my biggest disappointment was the art. Some pages looked ok and maybe even good, others were far too cluttered where you couldn't tell where the panels were and everything was a mess. Then there were character shots where they looked very distorted. Especially shots where he tries to do a "different perspective" (like looking up at the characters). They just looked really wrong, almost like they were squashed to Flatman's level. And the art just didn't feel consistent. I would much rather have Pelletier or Bobillo (who I wasn't a big fan of and hated his rendition of Thing) back on. I just hope Marvel puts a better artist on this book as I think it deserves better.

Captain Canuck -- I haven't even read this book yet but I can say it won't be a fun book to read. The art is pretty bad and the dialog that I did read while skimming through it is pretty amateurish and bland. They put this comic in my box because I had picked up the previous updated Captain Canuck series ("Unholy War" I think it was called) but this will definitely be the last Captain Canuck book I pick up (unless they do a lot of improving on this). It'll probably be a tough book to read.

The Mighty Avengers Preview -- Looks like it might be an interesting story and a decent team. You have some pretty major players who may or may not work well together and with them having to answer for everything (such as Ms Marvel being worried about the damage being done to building during their battle with a bunch of monsters), it seems like there will be a sufficient amount of friction. The one character I think stands out the most was the one least featured in this preview. Which doesn't seem right, he'd be in his glory in a battle like this (although I can't see him being concerned about taking out a building along the way). But I won't say his name until Carl figures it out for himself. And there's still a lot of open questions going into this series.

HorrorClix -- This is a new miniatures game from Wizkids (the company that brought us HeroClix). I enjoyed HeroClix for the most part but felt that it didn't really have the "comic book feel" that I was looking for. I had been hoping to play out some nice comic brawls but instead both teams end up focussing on staying away from one another and taking pot shots (one of which end up crippling any big bruiser you bring into battle). And all the messing around with the rules and adding too many game devices just made it a lot less fun for me. We'd spend half the time playing "rules lawyer" to determine how to play only to have Wizkids change the rules the next time we played. I was much happier with the game play in Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars miniatures game. But enough about HeroClix. With HorrorClix you get a horror movie type theme. The characters are a combination of monsters (zombies, witches, vampires, werewolves, etc) and heroes like ghost finders (not to be confused with ghost busters), vampire slayers (a young looking girl with a stake... you could even say she's looking rather buff... ee), and priests (who can also be evil). You also get the victims (teacher, reporter, prom queen, pizza guy, etc) that the monster have to kill (and the heroes have to save) to give them boosts in powers and ability, and different plot devices (game cards) that effect the game (like a "victim" turning on a "hero" that is trying to save him/her). All in all, it looks like it could be fun. I definitely won't be getting as into it as I did for Heroclix and beyond the next expansion (the Aliens versus Predator expansion) I might be hard pressed to pick up any more. But this first version of the game seems to be a nice simple game you can pick up rather quickly. And the models are fairly decent (although some of them like the ghost bust... oops, I mean "finders", didn't look all that great). But it's pretty inexpensive in comparison to some of the other games out there.

And finally, approved my review of the book I ranted about previously. I feel somewhat better but boy, can I hold a grudge. :)

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