Monday, November 27, 2006

Extra comic review -- Hip Flask: Mystery City with SPOILERS

After my unsuccessful attempt at ordering this book through my friendly neighbourhood comic shop (hey Dave) I decided to give the Chapters website a try. And I had it in a couple days. Granted, it was slightly squished in the packaging but it arrived all the same. So with spoilers, here we go.

Hip Flask: Mystery City -- Hey, they turned Nick Fury into a zebra!!! Okay, maybe not but the eye patch on the zebra guy was pretty funny looking. Off the top of my head, I like how the characters keep taking exception to being called "Elephantmen" yet the writers almost force the readers to do it (they even titled the second book and the recent ongoing series as that). It makes me feel weird using that word knowing that the characters I'm referring to would object to me using it. And it's interesting thoughts like that that make these books (both Hip Flask and Elephantmen) worth reading. Yeah, the art in this book is beautiful. The scenic shots are breathtaking. The "elephantmen" are all amazingly drawn. Yadda yadda yadda. :) But I'm just so glad that I decided to give these books a try. My only two gripes are the time between issues (this series started in 2002 and the fourth book is advertised as coming out in 2007) and that maybe the story could benefit from having stronger female characters (it didn't help that the female character I felt had the best potential for being a strong character was shot and seemingly killed in this issue... What? I said there'd be spoilers).

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