Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekly Comics Review for December 19th, 2007 -- SPOILERS

Yeah, I'm late with these reviews, I know. I'm not sure when next week's will be up either since comics will be delayed until Friday at my comic shop due to Christmas. Here are this week's reviews though for Warbound #1 (of 5), Incredible Hulk #112, Angel: After the Fall #2 (of 12), She-Hulk #24, World of Warcraft #2 (of 5 I believe).

Angel: After the Fall #2 -- The art still bothers me a bit in this book. Sometimes it's not getting the likenesses down and other times I think it's something else. One thing that kinda bugged me was how many big-breasted women with tiny waists were shown. I can almost understand it with Spike's situation but then there was Nina, the werewolf. The story is still interesting though I almost wanted to see a bit more progression. It almost seemed like things were slowed down so the issue could end on the latest big reveal. Though I didn't find it to be too much of a surprise. So it wasn't the strongest issue I've read but as an Angel fan, I'm still enjoying it. And they have matched the characters well. So it makes my recommended reading list but only for the Angel/Buffy fans out there.

Warbound #1 -- I was actually somewhat doubtful that this team could keep my interest but this first issue is pretty good. Pak does a great job of keeping me interested in them and having Kate back with SHIELD is interesting. She does seem to be the perfect match for this book given her history. I was only mildly surprised by the reveal at the end (well, the first "end") that it was the Leader behind things. I was actually more surprised to see him with the brace on his head. It almost seemed like another "Let's move some of our Ultimates ideas into the regular universe". But overall, I thought it was a solid enough story, good writing, and fine artwork. So I was pretty impressed by the first issue. It actually makes my recommended reading list for the time being.

Incredible Hulk/Herc #112 -- I'm still not sold on this idea of replacing the Hulk with Hercules. I find it to be a somewhat decent story and the character to be interesting enough but I'm not so sure it should be in the Hulk book. I'd probably be happier had they stopped the Hulk book altogether and given Herc is own mini-series or something. The writing is good and the art is okay (though inconsistent at times which I believe was due to the two artists listed in the credits). I don't think it makes my recommended reading list though, perhaps my "suggest you check it out for yourself" list. I'll keep with it for now but I can't seem myself going long-term with this book. Either bring the Hulk back or end this series for now.

She-Hulk #24 -- We get to see a bit more of She-Hulk's new life as well as the new Skrull that's tagging along with her. It may not have the over the top zanyness of Dan Slott's run but we knew that going in to Peter David's run. And I can respect that, to try and mimic Dan Slott's work just wouldn't work very well. I do seem to be enjoying this new direction and I'm curious to see where things are going with it which is almost to be expected from a Peter David story (that and that there will still be some comedy put in when possible/appropriate). And although the art doesn't blow me away, I think it's still pretty solid for the book. So it makes my recommended reading list but I know it's not for everyone. People looking for more of Dan Slott type stuff may have a hard time getting over the change but I do think it was necessary.

World of Warcraft #2 -- To summarize this book, the human kicks butt in the fight that was left over from last issue. Then he kicks butt in the arena fights. That's pretty much it. I'm pretty disappointed in this series. I'm not a World of Warcraft fan but I know there's more to the game (and the story behind the game) than what's being shown here. There are minor hints to that history in some parts but it's really not enough. So far, it's been your pretty typical "uber-human with no memory in a fantasy land". And the art really doesn't do it for me. Sometimes it may just be a style thing but other times it seems that the art doesn't match the story. There was one point where one of the spectators yelled out that a character was decapitated yet to me, the picture seemed to show him being slashed across the chest. I'm a bit of a completist so I tend to finish any mini-series I start but this one is borderline for me. So far, it just doesn't seem that interesting to me. So unfortunately, it doesn't make my recommended reading list. Though to be fair, I'm sure there are fans of the game or the genre that may enjoy this book so I wouldn't say to avoid at all costs or anything.

So that's it for this week. I also finished League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier but I don't have time for the review at the moment. I'm not even sure I'll ever really be able to review that book properly. At the moment, I'm feeling pretty disappointed in it. Maybe the more scholarly out there will enjoy it. And maybe it was just too "out there" for me but the book just became way too much of a chore to read. Maybe as I let it soak in and read more stuff on it (so I understand a bit more about some of the characters) I'll have a better outlook on it. But we'll have to wait and see. So up next I believe will be the first volume of Strangers in Paradise. Ex Machina is also on my pile of books to read and Ghost World should be coming my way in 2 days. ;)

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