Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for May 23rd, 2008

A whopping two books for me this week. But that's okay because my latest batch of TPBs and such came in the mail and it included volume 4, Bone (the one volume edition), and Kirby: King of Comics. Okay, that last one isn't a TPB but anyways.

As for the reviews...

Echo #3 -- I love the characters, I love the art, every scene is well played out, and yet I'm losing interest. I just wish the main story was moving along a little quicker instead of bringing up more vague backstory stuff. The whole issue I was waiting for something to move the story of the suit along and it didn't seem to happen until the cliff hanger ending. I'm on the cusp of dropping this as a monthly purchase and just waiting for the TPBs. Hopefully then I'd feel like things were moving along a bit better.

World of Warcraft #7 -- I've been pretty hard on this series and I went into this issue expecting it to be my last one. I have to say though that this issue felt a bit better in terms of art and how it told the story even if the story felt a little forced here. In the end though, I was expecting something a bit more conclusive given that the solicitation read that this was the end of the first story arc but that may just be me. And overall, I felt it was too little too late. If you're enjoying this series then this was probably a good issue but for me, it just wasn't enough to get me back on board. So I guess this is where the story ends for me.

As an aside, I read that in the latest Maxim Shannon Elizabeth says guys don't ask her out. Hmm... okay, this is me officially asking Shannon Elizabeth out.

It's worth a try right??? :)

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