Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic-Con and stuff

Yeah, I know that I've been pretty quiet as of late. I've had a lot going on as of late but it's mostly stuff I'd rather not blog about. Personal stuff and all that. Kinda weird huh, most people love to blog about their personal lives, I tend to keep it out of my blog.

So some random stuff from Comic-Con or wherever...

I was a little surprised reading Robert Kirkman's comments about becoming a partner at Image, mainly the ones aimed at Marvel and DC (not that I don't agree with some of the stuff he has to say, like the "event" led direction that Marvel and DC seem to be following). I do like a lot of the creator owned stuff coming out now or recently (Ex Machina, Y the Last Man,...) including some of Kirkman's (Invincible, the Walking Dead,...) so I'll be interested to see where Image goes.

Boom! Studios signing on to do a Muppet comic as well as Pixar Comics? Love it actually. I love news stories like this, where it's clear that the industry cares about attracting young readers into the mix. And with Pixar riding high, it seems like a great idea.

Supposedly Louis Letterier said that Edward Norton would be in the Avengers movie and Kevin Feige either said we haven't seen the last of the Hulk in movies or that we'll be seeing Incredible Hulk 2 (depending on what media outlet you believe). I liked the Incredible Hulk and whether it's Hulk 2 or Avengers, I'll be looking forward to some more Hulk action. I'd actually love for the first half (or maybe less) of the Avengers movie to be the team trying to take out the Hulk. Cap, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Thor VS the Hulk on the big screen? Gotta love that!

I saw the low quality version of the Wolverine footage online. It looks cool but I hope it's not too overloaded with such a huge cast of mutants.

The news about a Cloak and Dagger series by Valerie d'Orazio (of Occasional Superheroine/Friends of Lulu/several-other-things fame) was leaked just prior to Comic-Con. I've often been impressed by Valerie's passion for and knowledge of comics. So I'm happy for her to get this opportunity. I haven't really been a fan of Cloak and Dagger in the past. I didn't dislike them but I didn't buy any of their books either. But I'll be checking this one out.

And High Moon gets a second season on Zuda. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

I'm also happy to hear about a second series for the Umbrella Academy. I enjoyed the first one much more than I thought I would.

And less of a news item and more of a personal item, I was sent a copy of "Who Can Save Us Now?: Brand-New Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories". I think it's supposed to be waiting for me when I get home today and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Of course, I'll let you know what I thought of it.

Yeah, there was a lot more going on but that's my initial brain dump. We'll see if I can get a second one done sometime this week. Feel free to share what you thought the big news stories were from Comic-Con.

Oh, and sorry about not providing links in the above. I'm feeling a little lazy. Let me know if there's something you can't find via google. :)

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