Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for August 13th, 2008

Still on vacation. :) I took two weeks off as well as next Monday so I still have a few days to make the most of. And here I am doing comic reviews. :)

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #2 -- Since the only Secret Invasion stuff I'm reading is this series and the She-Hulk/X-Factor crossover, I don't know where this fits in. And I find myself asking that but I quickly had to put it aside. With a fair amount happening with several characters who seem to start the issue quite split up, it seemed rather hard to keep track but things settled in eventually. The art was a bit more hit or miss with me this issue. Hulkling and others (though Hulkling comes to mind) seemed off in terms of proportions from time to time. But all in all, a solid second parter and I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes (mostly for the sake of the Runaways). But if you aren't a fan of either of these teams, you should probably not bother.

Angel: After the Fall #11 -- This series continues to disappoint me, both in storytelling and in art. Though the overall story seems somewhat compelling. I find myself getting more and more interested in Gunn's story. But I'm sorry, I just can't get past the bad execution in my mind. There are some panels where I have no clue what's going on. And the big climactic finish could have been a lot clearer.

Marvel Adventures Hulk #14 -- I found the art kinda lacking in parts here too. Though it mostly was limited to Banner for me. The overall storytelling aspect of the art was good. Banner just looked off. In some panels he seemed his usual scrawny self and in others he looked like he'd tacked on 50 pounds of fat. But Peter David's writing fits this book well and it's another solid effort for younger readers or weird people like me. :)

One other book I thought I should mention is "Who Will Save Us Now: Brand-New Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories" that I finally finished. The stories feature quirky superheroes/villains (though that label "super" doesn't really apply for some) or quirky situations usually with serious undertones (at least in the stories that are coming to mind at the moment and just how "serious" they get also varies). It's quite an interesting collection that was entertaining. I have to admit that it's not all the cheery optimistic superhero stuff that many might think of but the collection does feature a wide range of stories that I find you take out of what you put in. Two things that came to mind when reading this book were the Great Lakes Avengers and Mystery Men (though I'm sure there are many more to compare it to). So overall, yeah, I enjoyed it and I recommend checking it out if you're looking for a little different take on the superhero genre.

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