Friday, August 08, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for August 6th, 2008 -- Here be SPOILERS

Yeah, I want to avoid the spoilers but when it comes to the latest issue of the Hulk, I just can't. So, in an effort to getting back to doing nothing on my vacation, let's get to some quick reviews. :)

Hulk #5 -- A lot of people seem to be loving this series. And I can understand it, I really can. You have dynamic art and this new "kick-arse" red Hulk that is doing all this crazy stuff you never thought you'd see (or at least very impressive stuff). But for me, it's just ... bad. I can't stand this book. In its attempt to elevate the Red Hulk it seems to be making a mockery of everything in its path. Grabbing the hammer as he leaps into space while Thor just holds on for the ride? Give me a break. Wielding the hammer because you're in "0 gravity"? As if the Gods would allow such a loophole. I know, people who are enjoying this series are justifying it in several ways but to me, this just reeks of bad storytelling. Loeb seems to be ripping things apart just because the fans slobber for more. It's like the uber-Superman who has every super-power you can think of and can juggle planets. Or the Batman that can beat God with "enough prep-time". Sure, have the Red Hulk beat Thor to move up his threat level. Even have him come up with a clever way to do it. This was not that way. So as much as people seem to be loving it, Hulk is very close to being removed from my subscription. And I'll hate to do it, I've been reading the Hulk since I was able to read. I was looking at the pictures before that. And as for Jeph Loeb's comment at Comic-Con that fans should just trust him because he always has a plan and reasons for writing everything he does, we're 5 issues in and I've seen nothing to justify such trust. And a writer shouldn't be resting on some boast of what he's done in the past, I think it's about time he puts his money where his mouth is on this series. You'll notice that I don't really talk about the overall story much for issue 5, that's because it really doesn't move the story along too much. And why is She-Hulk back with Iron Man anyways? I thought the last we saw of her she went off on her own to recruit a team? But enough about that...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17 -- I'll try to avoid the spoilers on this one as one of my readers hasn't gotten his copy yet. But I saw this one coming. That's not to say it was bad or anything. I was a little taken aback by the jumps in time (not the time travelling Buffy's doing but the going back and forth with Fray's storyline) but I settled in eventually. Other than that, it's more of the same when it comes to Buffy. Fun dialog, interesting story developing, humourous situations, etc, etc. I'm finding it kinda tough to repeatedly say how much I'm enjoying this series overall. Oh, and the art was good here too. :)

Spike: After the Fall #2 -- This issue actually gets a thumbs up from me. I haven't been the biggest fan of the Angel series so far but I enjoyed this issue for the most part. There were times where I thought the writing could have been tighter or the art could have been a bit better but overall, it was one of the more enjoyable issues of the "After the Fall" books.

Echo #5 -- This series continues to be too slow moving for me, at least for the monthly comic format. A lot of scenes are drawn out adding to the feeling that it's moving at a snail's pace. That's not to say it's not good. The overall story is interesting, the characters are engaging (the decompression of the story is a big reason for that), and I still think it's a well done book. But for me, I think I'd be better off waiting for the trades and reading it in bigger chunks so I feel a bit more closure with each book I read. Because the monthly issues just aren't giving that to me. With the first trade advertised for September I believe, it may be worth you checking it out for yourself there.

So that's it, time to get back to vacationing. ;)

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