Monday, July 03, 2006

The Ikea saga continued and concluded

First up was my trip back to Ikea. There was a sale going on (they had a big tent set up outside and everything) so even though we got there about 10 minutes before the doors open there was still a line up (the line going into the tent being the longest). But I was still the first one to the customer service desk. As I was telling the customer service person about my delivery ordeal she just started walking away. She clearly didn't care how bad the delivery was or that I paid $60 for this "service" that ended up being the start of the whole ordeal. After some searching in the back she discovers that she needs to call for someone to bring up a new set of the shelves so she can get the pieces from that. So I tell her I'm going to go pick up the 2 doors I didn't get last time and I'd be back. When I get back from getting the doors my stuff still isn't ready so she's helping other people. My stuff comes up but she doesn't notice it at first so she keeps helping others and not saying anything to me. Finally I step in after she was done with customer and before she can help anyone else, getting a few dirty looks (I know, it might have been rude but technically I was there first). After taking the shelves to the back and spending quite a few minutes back there she comes out to tell me that those shelves were scratched up so she had to order a second set. So she goes on to help other people again. I see another set show up and again, she doesn't see it. As I'm trying to get her attention to tell her another set is up she seems to keep turning her back to me. Then she actually calls for the shelving again. The stock comes from the back and is rather annoyed by this point as well and he points out the shelving. So off she goes to the back room with it and a few minutes later I'm finally given 3 new shelves. I take a quick look and of course there are minor scratches but after 45 minutes of waiting I'm fed up. So it's off to home (and at this point I'm still hoping to catch the matinee of Superman Returns... review will be forthcoming). I get home and sure enough, the shelving doesn't match. It's the same colour and it's the right size but the holes are smaller and drilled 1cm off from where they should be.

At this point I'm fed up. I call the store and give the whole scenario again. I'm patched through to another person and give the whole scenario one more time. The people on the phone are much more sympathetic and contrary to the first time I called (where they basically made it sound like my fault for even attempting to get the shelving delivered) they seemed to want to help. So a file was created for me, the shelves were put on order and I was told they would arrive in a day or so. So it was off to relax and see Superman Returns. When I got home there was a message from Ikea to call them. Turns out, they changed suppliers for these shelves very recently so they needed more details about what shelves I needed (dimensions of the original box, distance of pre-drilled holes from the shelf's end, etc). So I measured what I could (I threw out the boxes considering they were wet and stinky from the delivery ordeal) and hoped for the best (I was told that they would be sent via courier sometime before 3pm today).

Today, at about 1:30pm my shelves arrived. I got right to work putting them together and wouldn't you know, they actually fit. So I'm now the proud owner of two 80cm x 202cm book shelves complete with glass doors and of course I've put them to use by placing a few action figures like Conan, the Crow, Ash, Evil Ash, Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Roy, etc, etc amongst the DVDs and PS2 games. I've kept most of the Hulk stuff in the den but one did end up between the Buffy and Angel DVD collections.

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