Monday, July 10, 2006

The World Cup

I tried to get in to watching the World Cup, I really did. Everyone seemed so excited and so many people I talk to were so into it that I just had to give it another try. But in the end, I just can't stand it. The theatrics, the diving, the crying, the grabbing of jerseys, the headbutting, FIFA's lack of balls, and the politics of it all made me wish that no team won because I just couldn't find a team that I actually thought deserved it. One of the commentators for yesterday's match said "Can you blame *** for taking a dive and playing up the dramatics in such and important game?" to which I replied "YES!" (But I'd like to point out that during post-game analysis of earlier games a few of the commentators did discuss the need to add video replay and post game rulings by FIFA to deal with some of the above issues) If the Canadian team had been in there and performing in such a manner I'd be embarrassed.

So for the next World Cup I think I'll stick to watching the WWE, at least they're more upfront about it and they're probably better actors.

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