Friday, July 14, 2006

Weekly comic reviews for July 12, 2006

Yeah, I'm putting Wednesday's date in the title because that's the day that the comics come out. I still know what day it is. :) Only one book for me this week, Civil War: Frontline #3. I've decided that I'm going to shorten the reviews and the easiest way to do this is not have so much recap. So here goes:

Civil War: Frontline #3 -- Recap: Female reporter interviews some not even C-level costumed heroes who expect to be teaming up with Cap any day now. Two "heroes" fight it out over registration and pro-registration guy gets killed accidentally. She-Hulk tries to talk Speedball into taking the deal and registering. And Reed Richards shows his math which supports the pro-registration side. Writing wise, the book was pretty good. Speedball gets some respect from me for sticking to his beliefs. Although I can accept She-Hulk wanting him to register, I think she should have been a little more forceful about protecting him. And with the anti-registration guy killing the pro-registration guy, this book actually seemed to lean more towards boosting the pro-side and I was worried at the start of this series that it would focus more on the anti-registration side. So it was good. The art actually seemed better in this issue than the last. It actually came out pretty good. The downside, different writers for each storyline in the book which I find distracting when I'm reading a comic. And overall, I still don't like how there are multiple stories presented in a disjoint fashion ongoing in each issue. For me, the Speedball stuff should be somewhere else and this book should keep its focus on the reporters' stories. Then it could flow better. And that last few pages of artsy stuff (mirroring a world war story with the death of the pro-registration hero from the beginning), not my cup of tea. So in the end, it's gotten better since the last issue but I'm still not enjoying it as much as I could be.

On a side note, my own comic work (*cough* Divine Leap *cough* link is on the right *cough*) has been hampered with my growing interest in 24. I started watching a couple episodes this season when I saw Sean Astin appearing (I always seem to like his work) and even though it seemed like a great show I had a hard time following what was going on. So I finally decided I needed to get caught up. I got the first two seasons on DVD and have watched only the first but wow, I really should have watched this show from the start (although it's also good to be able to watch the shows on my schedule and not have 2 or 3 week gaps in between episodes). It's so intense and you really never know what's going to happen. You really get a sense that nobody (other than Jack Bauer of course) is safe on the show and it makes it all the more interesting that way.

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