Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Stanley Cup

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings and their fans. Even in this post-cap era they've been able to keep together a juggernaut of a team. From what I could see they did it by remaining just that, a team. No relying on one player or one line, but everyone knowing what they need to do and doing it. So my hat is off to you.

Also, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins. You have a great young team there with an incredible amount of talent. This may not have been your year but I can't see you being kept from the Cup for too long.

And lastly, a tip of my hat to the fans in Pittsburgh. I was wondering how the fans would react should Detroit win it away from home and I have to say I was pleased to see that for the most part the fans respected the team and either cheered them or at least allowed them to celebrate and enjoy their accomplishment. Sure, there was some booing at times but overall I think they themselves should be applauded for not making it an ugly situation.

So congratulations to both teams and both cities. And I look forward to seeing you both next season when the Habs are kicking your butts! ;)

Oh, and just so there's some comic stuff here, hey look Galactus in Pooch Cafe!

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