Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for June 18th, 2008 -- SPOILERS

Sorry about being so late with this week's review, I had a very busy few days. And yep, only one book to review this week...

Angel: After the Fall #9 -- So we finally get back to the main story. My disappointment with this series slowly grows even more. The art in this issue was not good and I had to double check to see if they had more than one artist because some panels came out cartoonish while others seemed to have a different style. But all in all, I did not find it nice to look at. In some panels he managed to have certain characters look like the actors but even when he did that, they didn't look good. The crosshatching alone bothered me. And when Wes' body is revealed I thought he'd been cut in half and then had his bottom half replaced with that of a giant. For me, the writing on this series has been consistent from the start. What I mean by that is I see some great story ideas and nifty twists and turns yet I find them all done rather poorly. Two jokes kinda made me chuckle (the use of one of Whedon's lines from the X-Men movie and the "... is my Master now" T-shirt) but also seemed poorly executed. The shirt joke was too in your face and jarring, it should have been a subtle joke. As an Angel fan, I'm sticking this series out but it has slid off my recommended reading list. I think fans may be better off reading the recaps after it's done.

So that's it for me for the monthlies this week. I did pick up the latest volume of the manga series Monster and I enjoyed it. I'm currently reading the Incredible Hulk novelization and then it will probably be Y: The Last Man vol. 10 (hopefully it arrives in the mail early next week) or Marvel Zombies 2.

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