Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where have I been???

Sorry I haven't been around for my usual weekly ramblings, things were pretty busy for me. I had a date that lasted a good chunk of Saturday (yay), saw the Incredible Hulk and had a father's day family get-together on Sunday, and have been dealing with playing musical offices at work (but I now have a window in my office, another yay). Even now, I don't really have much time so I'll have to keep it short. So what shall I ramble about...

First up, the Incredible Hulk. Don't worry, I'll avoid spoiling anything as best as I can. Now I enjoyed the 2003 Ang Lee movie for the most part but I understand why a lot of people didn't. This one goes a long way to make those people happy. A lot more action, a better physical threat for the climax, and less "artsy shots". There were still times where I noticed audience members shifting during the non-Hulk scenes (many of these shifters being fairly young) but really, what can you do? Now I'm not overly picky about CGI, I just want it to be good enough that I don't find it distracting. And I didn't here so I was happy. I definitely enjoyed it and recommend checking it out. And the really big comic fans will have a lot of fun finding all the little winks that are thrown in. I'm still finding out about ones I missed.

On the TPB reading front, I've polished off some more Fables as well as reading volume 9 of Invincible. I'm still enjoying Invincible but I think it'll stay on my TPB list and not my monthlies. I just find that at the rate it's going I'm enjoying it more this way. Fables on the other hand, I may be adding to my monthlies as soon as I'm caught up (reading volume 9 at the moment).

I still want to do my whole "monthlies VS TPBs VS Webcomics... The Future for me" rambling, I just need to find the time to organize my thoughts and get them out of my wee-little brain. :)

So I guess that's it for now. I know there's a lot I could actually talk about as there continues to be some shaking up going on (Final Crisis stuff, a certain writer no longer working at a certain company, etc, etc) but oh well. Tell you what, let me know what's on your mind this week. Ramble away (though try to keep it comic oriented).

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