Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 2009 Zuda Competitors

I probably won't get around to doing a full review of all of this month's competitors so I think I'll just talk briefly about the ones I'm leaning towards voting for. But before I do I have to admit that I'm pretty stupid, I thought the Zuda winner was determined by voting only but it turns out it's also based on ratings, favourites, etc. I guess I should have read it more closely... Then again, I'm not the one competing. :) So for this month my favourites at the moment include:

Lily of the Valley -- Not quite sure where the story is going yet (which is a good thing) but have a sense of the feel of the story (also a good thing). An interesting art style with a sort of a weird/quirky thing going on that works well with the story.

Sides -- Again, I liked the art and the story seems like it could be interesting and different. I'd definitely keep an eye on this one should it get chosen.

Flowing Wells -- I'm not sure if there was enough meat to these 8 pages to really hook me, I felt like there could have been a bit more there to not only show more of what's going on but also to hook me in. The artwork was pretty amazing though.

And looking like a real longshot for my vote at the moment...

Gone Zombie -- On the one hand, it looks like a zombie story and I'm not big on them (despite reading the Walking Dead but that's because that book is more about the characters than the zombies). On the other hand, like Walking Dead there seems to be the potential for the story to be more than just a zombie story. Again, I'd probably check it out should it get selected but it probably won't get my vote.

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