Friday, May 08, 2009

Weekly Comic Reviews for May 6th, 2009 -- SPOILERS

The downside of picking up your comics over lunch, you have to go back to work for the afternoon knowing that they are sitting, unread, just a few feet away.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #25 -- Well, Dawn's story seems to have come to a close, at least for now. Overall, I enjoyed the issue. The usual combination of fun, character moments, and a bit of action. There were a few things that I felt could have been flushed out a bit more (this doll maker seemed to come out of nowhere unless Imissed something, Buffy leaving him so quickly also seemed a little odd, and Dawn's farewell to Kenny seemed a little too simple) but on the other hand, the story gets moved along at a pretty good pace. The art was good for the most part and told the story well. Overall, another enjoyable issue of this series for me.

Hulk Broken Worlds #2 (of 2) -- I know the first issue had a few problems and maybe some people didn't enjoy it that much, and I was actually expecting this to be the weaker of the two issues so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying this one more than the first. The stories range from the moving Hulk stories (focussing on Banner and the characters around him) to simple fun stories (manga Hulk versus Fenris using the Midgard Serpent) and they all seemed to hit the mark for me. The art was pretty solid throughout as well. I definitely enjoyed this book overall. I know it's really more for Hulk fans than your every day comic fan but it may be worth checking out either way. And it gave me my Hulk fix for a little while at least. :)

So that's it, only 2 books this week. I'm hoping to get some reading done this weekend in between house cleaning and mother's day stuff. On the top of my reading pile would be Planetary Volume 3 (haven't started), "The 10-cent Plague" by David Hajdu (currently about 100 pages in), "Conspiracy!" by Valerie D'Orazio (only one chapter in so far), and "Was Superman a Spy?" by Brian Cronin (haven't started yet). We'll have to see how much I actually get done. :)

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