Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DrunkDuck and EZ Prints

So it seems that the DrunkDuck server upgrade (which has resulted in several weekends of semi-downtime, comics viewable but nothing else) is connected to a deal struck between Platinum Studios and EZ Print to connect DrunkDuck (and its users) with EZ Print so they can sell merchandise for their comics more easily.

My first thought was that this seems kind of nice for some people. Users who may not know about setting up a store on other sites similar to EZ Print, who don't know how to go about it and are a little scared or reluctant, may go for EZ Print (if they are convinced it's as easy as they're saying it will be). And users who don't want to set up with EZ Print (for whatever reason, such as the ability to set your own prices/markup which it appears EZ Print will not allow DrunkDuck users to do) will still have the option of linking to other stores/sites on their DrunkDuck comic. And so people may be able to sell a few things to make a bit of money of their hard work.

Though some of the optimism I'm seeing seems a little rushed. When the feature goes online there will most likely be a rush of DrunkDuckers putting up merchandise in the hopes of quick money. If you're not already making money off your comic than this seems really unlikely to me, there just won't be the demand for merchandise from so many of the comics. Sure, you'll probably sell a couple things to friends or the few followers you have and it'll be nice to get a bit of extra money, but I think that will be it.

Obviously, it also depends on your comic. Some comics people enjoy reading but they may not be up for wearing a shirt or buying a coffee mug from it. Other comics, people probably don't read but if they have cute zombie teddy bear ninjas that look cool then you may do okay.

In the end, I like that they're adding the feature. It seems okay and may help some webcomic creators on there. And considering how slow Platinum has been in doing anything with DrunkDuck (other than keeping it running) it's nice to get something from them. But I don't necessarily see it as a game changer.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments and hope that we can justify your optimism when we launch the store. We're really just trying to create a win-win for everyone and enable people to get as much as they can out of their comic.

-Dan Forcey
VP, Development
Platinum Studios