Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekly Comic Review for January 13th, 2010

Only one book this week...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31 -- I have to say that this issue was better than some of the previous issues. It flowed a bit better and was a little easier to follow along. Though I did feel the dialogue was a little awkward at times, but maybe that's just Buffy being Buffy (and I just didn't have this problem when I was watching it on TV for some reason... which seems odd, you'd think comic dialogue should be easier). Having said that, this issue still seemed awkward to me. Not necessarily in the storytelling but in the story that was told. It felt more like "Hey, we have to cover a few story elements that we need set up by the next storyline, we'll just fill an issue with them." Not a bad issue, but not really bringing the story out of its funk either.

And as an additional comment, I have to admit that I'm really upset with Dark Horse's handling of Twilight's identity. They keep saying that there's more to the story and promoting the spoiler doesn't ruin anything but I have to disagree. I don't want any of the story spoiled, I want to experience it as it should be (ie. reading it in the comic). Revealing the character's identity outside of the comic just weakens the comic in my mind. And it's not like I went looking for spoilers, they put it out there. To be honest, it felt like a complete slap in the face to someone who's been reading this series for the last 4 years waiting for the reveal. I've said that I'll be stopping with the monthlies once Buffy is done but them doing this made me consider dropping them earlier.

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