Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for April 16th, 2008 -- SPOILERS

Let's get to it shall we...

World War Hulk: Warbound #5 (of 5) -- Well, at least the Leader is portrayed as being highly intelligent, I was a little worried when he was so easily tricked in the previous issue. Overall, it's an okay ending to a decent story. The art is solid enough though I kinda laughed at times when I thought the Leader looked more like one of those aliens from Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks". Hiroim finally meets his end but it just lacks a bit of a punch given his previous "deaths" in this series alone. I'm sure it's permanent this time (with the old power moving on and such) but it still lacked the emotion. Overall though, I enjoyed the series but it's not one I'd highly recommend, especially if you aren't a Hulk fanatic.

World of Warcraft #6 -- Pretty much the usual review for me here, I felt the story was just "meh" and the art again let me down. Whether it was the panels where I couldn't figure out what was going on or the introduction of however many female characters all with breasts falling out of their suits and butts hanging out. Maybe that second part is somewhat a product of the game but it's still pretty bad. And the gratuitous shots of the Blood Elf's backside definitely are just for the comic audience. I'll definitely be dropping this series once the first storyline is done. I'm sure some fans of the game or people who like this sort of thing are loving it, personally, I'm just not.

Marvel Adventures Hulk #9 -- I was able to track down this issue I missed last month. I didn't really feel that this was the strongest issue. I thought the art was a bit hit or miss for me. In some panels it was like the artist wanted to add too much shadowing for who the book is aimed at. It made it tougher to read (especially in one panel where I couldn't tell if it was Rick or Betty talking, the dialogue seemed to be Betty but the small figure seemed to be Rick while Betty was entirely blacked out). I'd also be curious to see if the story actually connected with younger readers. Though there was also plenty of smashing to make them happy. Overall, I'm still thinking this is an admirable attempt at re-introducing the Hulk to a younger audience with simpler stories and less baggage.

Comic Book Comics #1 -- An interesting history lesson about comics where they obviously did their homework. There's quite a few little tidbits and stories in here that are very interesting for the comic book aficionado. I had a bit of a problem with the way things were laid out in the beginning but either I settled in or they improved, I'm not sure which, because I didn't notice it later in the book. Anyways, it's a very interesting and entertaining look at the beginnings of the industry and probably worth checking out if you are into that sort of thing.

I also picked up volume 14 of Naoki Urasawa's Monster but I've only read the first 2 chapters of it. I think once I'm done the series I'll post a quick review of it in its entirety.

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