Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekly Recap

Yeah, I'm a day late again. I was pretty beat from yesterday's hockey game and I'm nursing a sore wrist (again, from the hockey) so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Oh, and we lost again.

The fury over the Superman legal fight has diminished somewhat and I'm done with it for now.

The latest Zuda Comics competitors are up. I know, I still have to do my reviews for those but I think Erebus Effect may be my pick this month. Also, quite a few of the creators behind some of the books on Zuda will be at New York Comic-Con. So if you're fortunate enough to be going you should drop by to say 'hi'.

I was checking out the DC solicits on newsarama and something I find funny is pictures of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman fighting a character. On the covers to Trinity 5-9, here's a character that appears to be giving Superman a struggle with one arm while also dealing with grappling with Wonder Woman. So what exactly is Batman hoping to achieve by wrapping up his other arm with a batarang??? Physically, Bats just isn't in their league. Oh well, I guess it makes for a cool image and all that.

Wizard magazine is hitting 200 issues this month and they're celebrating with an issue so big it had to be split into two magazines. I have to say I enjoyed the first half. As someone who really threw himself back into comics around the same time (actually, just a few years before) Wizard started it was a nice nostalgic look back. I was really taken aback by the huge drawing they tried to assemble by a whole lot of artists (with George Perez providing the initial outline of character placements). I didn't necessarily agree with their lists (I wouldn't have put Y: The Last Man as the top book) but it was still interesting to read. And speaking of their top 200 books, I was rather disappointed in some ways that #1's were often so high not because they were good issues but because the rest of the series was good.

I'm sure there was more going on last week but I probably should get back to work. :)

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