Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zuda Comics 2008 Invitational

Just wanted to make a quick post directing all my readers (I think there has to be at least 2 out there) to the Zuda Comics 2008 Invitational. So be sure to pick your favourite 10 Zuda comics that lost out in the competitions so they have a second shot. A few you may want to consider (in my opinion and in no particular order):
Battlefield Babysitter

Raining Cats and Dogs

The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman

Araknid Kid

The Litterbox Chronicles

Sam and Lilah

Laura's Bazaar

They'll most likely be in my list. Feel free to offer your suggestions because I still have some spots to fill.


David Gallaher said...

I went for strips that do not currently have a home (on Act-I-Vate, Sugary Serials, or Amalgamated Artists).

1. The Crooked Man
2. Litterbox Chronicles
3. Dead In The Now
4. Battlefield Babysitter
5. Raining Cats and Dogs

Darrell said...

I've been considering limitting my list to books that haven't found a "paid home" (a location where the creators get paid for their work) but I'm not sure yet.

As far as I know, Act-I-Vate's artists and writers aren't paid (though they do benefit from some very decent exposure) so I wasn't sure that I wanted to restrict them.

But you're making me doubt my decision. :)

Josh said...

Thanks for the nod Darrell ;)

David Gallaher said...

Josh *knows* how much I love Archnid Kid :-)

Josh said...

It's true. :)

星爺Frank said...
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