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Weekly Comic Reviews for March 25, 2009 -- SPOILERS

I'd like to say it was a fairly busy week for me comic-wise but it's just relative. Since I don't buy too many books a week of 3 books plus Wizard magazine is "fairly busy" for me. So let's get right to it shall we... Oh wait, be warned that all of this week's reviews will CONTAIN SPOILERS so you have been warned...

Runaways vol 3 #8 -- This issue seems to fit in with Moore's other books in terms of pace in that in the end, you don't really feel like much has happened. There's a lot of little events and character moments but it can feel like it's dragging on a bit. It's still enjoyable but I'm still looking for something more (and no, I don't even know what "more" is). The art was okay, I wasn't really a fan of Ramos on this book so this felt a little better for me, though there were some parts I felt could have been a bit better (Nico's look seemed off in some panels). And speaking of Nico, Moore has really been writing her as bad with the magics. I thought she seemed a lot more competent but since he's taken over, her spells have been going awry, more like she was in her early days. I kinda hope there's a reason for this but I have a feeling there isn't.

Skaar Son of Hulk #9 -- Well, at least someone can write a good Hulk even if it's not the current Hulk writer and it's not even the Hulk. Okay, that was uncalled for. A lot of people are really enjoying the Hulk series and I'm just bitter. Getting back to the issue in question, it has the feeling of things falling into place. Both literally (the ruler of Sakaar determined, people fall into line, etc) and in other terms (Skaar coming into his own, his character being flushed out a bit more, and we see there will be some progression made). I'm looking forward to seeing what Caiera and the Surfer have in store as the end of this issue was interesting to say the least. I think the series has also improved under Lim's art. I normally like Garney's art a lot but something just wasn't working for me with his work on Skaar. I think this book still has potential and I'm sticking with it.

Elephantmen #17 -- In some ways, you sorta know where this issue is going right from the start but I was still intrigued to see how it got there. And as is the norm for this series, the unique characters really make the story from the overzealous police, the old lady, right to Hip and Ebony. Also, we get a quick moment to indicate that the events from last issue of the Spore Wars story aren't necessarily over and done with which I rather liked because I had originally thought Miki's survival came a little out of nowhere. I love how the story just keeps growing with each issue of this series. I did find the art a little lacking in places and I found a few parts a little off (I don't want to get side tracked with the details but one jarring scene had two police talking helmetless and the next they were helmetted, it was rather weird, I wasn't sure if that was to indicate the passing of a small amount of time or whether the scenes where they were talking took place before they even started going after Tusk). As well, the two main officers just looked too similar once they had their helmets on. One seemed to be the older of the two (the bald one) but it became harder to distinguish them. So I thought there was some room for improvement there. I think I've rambled on enough though, despite some shortcomings (and what book doesn't have some) it was another strong issue from a series I continue to enjoy.

And I guess that's it for now. So let me know what you've been reading if you want. And if you don't then take care. :)

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