Monday, March 31, 2008

My (late) Weekly Recap

Sorry about not posting this yesterday, I was pretty out of it. I didn't sleep much on Saturday night and was sick Sunday morning. I still went out to play ball hockey Sunday morning though and by the time I got home I was totally gone mentally and physically. I'm feeling much better now though.

First up, David Gallaher of High Moon was named as one of the eight "Breakout Creators" of 2008 by the Comic Foundry Magazine. Congratulations!

Marvel is ramping up its Secret Invasion storyline. I am curious to see who survives (there may have already been a casualty in the online "prequel" book Marvel posted in their digital comics) and who's a Skrull so I'll probably be keeping track via online spoilers. I've convinced myself I have to so that I know what is happening considering Marvel characters share their universe and I am still reading a couple Marvel books.

And the internet nearly broke in half with the latest ruling in the Time Warner/Siegel family dispute. I have to admit, I don't fully understand all the details of it but it seems that doesn't stop others from giving their 2 cents. So here's mine, I'm torn. I do support the Siegel family in that Superman was Siegel and Shuster's creation and DC/ Time Warner/whatever other company name has become very rich on that creation while Siegel and Shuster (and their families) had to continually take them to court to get any real money. I do think the creators of a character deserve some protection and compensation. But I also have to recognize that it was DC and their employees (writers, artists, editors, movies makers, TV show crews, etc) that have also made Superman the character and franchise he is today. Which I guess is somewhat covered in that this ruling only pertains to how Superman and the characters appeared in Action Comics #1.

In the end, I only hope the Siegel family and Time Warner come to an agreement that makes everyone happy (or at least a little less unhappy) because as the selfish jerk I am, I'm also hoping this doesn't have an impact on the planned sequel to Superman Returns. And I'll leave the bickering and arguing to the lawyers.

To end on a happier note, I polished off a few more volumes of Invincible (I just finished volume 6). I'm still really enjoying this series. Though, at the moment it seems to have a lot of stories going on that are getting a little bit tougher to keep track of. I don't know how I'd feel reading it monthly instead of as TPBs, I think I'd be getting more frustrated by the disjoint feel to some of it. I do plan to pick up the remaining TPBs though and then see where I want to go with it. I may continue reading it in TPB form (just as I'm doing with the Walking Dead).

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