Sunday, March 16, 2008

That new feature... My Weekly Wrap Up

So I said I'd be adding something other than comic reviews so here it is, my new weekly (hopefully) wrap up feature where I just give quick blurbs about stuff going on on the web and elsewhere.

Over on Occasional Superheroine there have been a few conversations of interest this week. The ones I took note of are the Secret Invasion posts (she's pretty hyped about it, I'm slightly curious but kinda tired of the big crossover events and will be skipping it), moderating posts (I guess I should consider myself fortunate that so few people read this blog, high profile people and their blogs have a tendency to attract a lot of people looking for anything to pick a fight over. I do wonder if Valerie being a woman makes her more of a target on its own as comic geeks object to her voicing her opinion or if it just makes her higher profile and in turn, a bigger target whether male or female...If that makes any sense. Of course I don't think anyone can answer that for sure), and Reality Comics (which would be about celebrities making comics and not, as I originally thought, comics depicting real life. I guess Harvey Peckar already wrote the book on that one).

High Moon continues to soar. David Gallaher (writer and co-creator) has been gracious enough to check in here every now and then so you may have seen a few of his comments. Not only am I seeing High Moon advertising everywhere but the Honolulu Star Bulletin and Rue Morgue both took the time to cover it. I'm happy for David as he seems like a great guy and they've obviously been working extremely hard on High Moon so it's great to see it taking off. But beyond that, I have to say that I'm happy for web comics and comics in general. That may seem kinda odd to say but I'm a pretty firm believer that North American comics need better coverage of genres outside the superhero realm. It's why sites like Zuda or DrunkDuck are getting a lot of attention from me. They are providing an outlet for comic creators and readers to present or read comics of varying genres. By the way, I'm still really enjoying Bayou as well.

The Buffy/Satsu event still has some people talking. I don't really think I have much more to say and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do find quite a bit of negativity coming from people who didn't watch the show nor read the comics (though the negative thoughts definitely are not restricted to that group of people). Some conversations I've read have been very mature and enlightening. Others consist of "Yay! Lesbians!"

And the big event for me, the Incredible Hulk trailer. As a lifelong Hulk fan I was very eager to see any glimpse of where they might be going with this movie. And for the record, I'm one of "those" people who actually enjoyed Ang Lee's movie (though I wouldn't consider it a perfect movie by any means). Now obviously I'm not going to come to a decision about this movie after only seeing the trailer but I did see a lot I liked. I'm happy to see the concentration on Banner's inner struggle with the monster along with his external struggle with the military. I was actually rather happy with the Abomination's look, despite being different from the comics he at least has the appearance of being a physical threat for the Hulk. And the Hulk is big and green so I'm happy. I'm not the type of person to get too nitpicky about his looks, he's had so many artists give him their own take on the character so really, who's to say what he really should look like. So as long as he's a big and green (or even gray) monster, I'm happy. I'm looking forward to seeing this one when it comes out.

Almost forgot, one other thing about the Hulk trailer. My brother and I were making plenty of jokes about possible endings to the film after watching the trailer and they centered around the Hulk and Abomination deciding to put aside their differences and go into Zanzibar for a drink and some entertainment. Zanzibar is an "Adult Club" on Yonge Street in Toronto where the movie was filmed. Appearantly while they decided to put up fake "Apollo Theatre" and other stuff they decided to leave in Zanzibar. The Big Slice restaurant and Sam the Record Man (also Yonge Street landmarks) are also left in.

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