Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for March 26th, 2008 -- Spoilers

A whopping 4 books for me this week so let's get to it shall we.

She-Hulk #27 --And here is where I eat crow. I had written off the previous two issues as pretty much a throw away story and I was totally blind-sided here. With this issue, Peter David really hammers it out of the ballpark. I'm getting a little tired of people making the comparison to Dan Slott. Yes, Peter David is putting his own mark on the book and who can blame him? And this issue I felt was Peter David's best yet on this series. I'm also pretty happy with the new artist that's been brought on board. I find the style a bit more suited to the book, slightly better at the storytelling aspect, and a little more consistent. I can't quite say it makes my recommended reading list just yet but it got a lot closer here. I'm more eager for the next issue than I was for this one.

World of Warcraft #5 -- I don't think this book will last much longer for me. I'm sure some people are really enjoying it (some of them may or may not be fans of the game) but for me, it's not really hitting the mark for me. The art is pretty to look at but I find it continues to falter at depicting the events going on and at times, I find myself taken out of the story as I flip back and forth examining the panels to try to figure out what's going on. And to have to do that during fight scenes, it really takes a reader out of the pace that you should be establishing. The story is okay and the characters are somewhat interesting (though I find Lo'Gosh, the human and main character, the least interesting so that's a bit of a problem) but it's really not grabbing me. We're five issues in and I'm actually hoping things just get wrapped up. After reading that this storyline ends with issue 7 that may be a dropping point for me unless something in the next two issues changes my mind. It's not a bad book and in terms of comics based on another commodity it's better than many but I'm somewhat disappointed in it. So it doesn't make my recommended reading list.

Freddy VS Jason VS Ash #6 (of 6) -- I'm sorry to say that I'm glad this series came to an end. Artistically, I think this issue was the most disappointing for me. You have Jason and Freddy slashing at one another and yet I'm bored by the small panels of straight shots (no dynamic angles, no real movement on either character's part, etc). It looked rushed, not very well thought out, and pretty amateurish to be honest. And the story didn't really feel like it hit a climax. The end didn't hold any surprises or even really that much entertainment (other than the woman using Ash's line of "Gimme some sugar baby"). And am I the only one that hated the "Ch-ch-ch ah-ah-ah" or whatever that they kept doing for Jason's entrances? That works in the movies and I can understand wanting to pay homage in the comic but it got annoying for me as the series went on. So in the end, the series doesn't make my recommended reading list. I'd suggest passing on it. Die hard fans of any of the series might get some enjoyment from it but personally, I got very little and was disappointed for the most part.

Ultimate Human #3 (of 4) -- I knew going into this issue not to expect any Hulk or Iron Man action (or any action whatsoever) so I guess you could say I had prepared myself for it. Though, as someone who read Millar's Ultimates books I've had some experience here. In the end, I actually liked this issue. Not every book can have Hulk and Iron Man action, you need these downtimes to make the action that much more special. And we get the origin of the Ultimate version of the Leader. And as a Hulk fan, I was looking forward to that. And despite having a problem following along with all the acronyms and single letter names/identifiers I actually found myself pretty engaged by the characters. I thought the dialogue was pretty solid and the art was really great. It really brought you into the settings and you felt the characters' emotions. So yeah, prepare yourself for some non-action if you pick it up but in my opinion, it's still a pretty cool story. And I for one, can't wait until the next issue comes out. So far, this series makes my recommended reading list. I just hope the final issue can live up to the hype I've created for myself.

I also got a couple more TPBs of Invincible but I've only read volume 3 so far (I had already read volumes 1 and 2). I'm really enjoying this series so far. It's a great combination of a mature story with some pretty quirky humour (referencing artists using the same panel over and over or the government guy trying to avoid having to explain who their stuff works both got a chuckle out of me). The art is great. It's not the "realistic" style that many books with mature content try to go for. Just like the book itself, it blends well the humour and traditional superhero aspects with the mature elements. And the battles are great and intense when they need to be. I'd definitely recommend checking out what Newsarama has posted online for free and maybe the second TPB so you can decide for yourself. It may not be for everyone but I'm enjoying it.

Woah! I got a serious case of deja vu while writing up that Invincibles paragraph. It was so bad I had to go back and see what I already said about Invincible here. In fact, I still have it while typing this. Weird huh?

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