Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Recapping

Happy Easter! And to those of other religions, Happy Sunday!

Perhaps it's because work was especially busy this week or perhaps it's that I don't really care to talk about the latest batches of universe spanning "epic" storylines but I don't have all that much to recap. But I will go through what I found interesting this week anyways.

First up, the pictures of Snake Eyes from the upcoming GI Joe film which you can see at SuperHeroHype (among other locations). Well, I was a big GI Joe fan as a kid but I'm not sure I'm really looking forward to a live action film. The first shot doesn't really work for me, I just don't like the rubber muscle suit there. But it could be a lot worse so it does help make me feel a bit better about the film.

Over on Occasional Superheroine Valerie posted an interesting post about online marketing for comic book companies. Yes, I realize there was another post with similar stuff here but I'm not going to get into that dispute as it's irrelevant to the thoughts I want to post about. In the end, I'm not too surprised by DC Comics' poor showing. Just off the top of my head, they don't use movie news to bring in more traffic (they should be showing off a bunch of Dark Knight stuff). No simple character bios. They have origin stories under "Heroes & Villains" yet Superman (of all people) seems to be missing. No big flashy marketing of upcoming stories. They even seem to have pages dedicated to Batman and Superman yet I didn't find these links on their main site but through a google search. Overall, their web presence seems to be pretty sad to me.

As I mentioned, work has been keeping me pretty busy as of late and family events seem to be taking up a lot of time as well (it seems everyone's birthday is around this time of year). So work on Divine Leap is still going extremely slowly. I had been hoping to get some work done this weekend but I've had to put in some hours with work and of course, the Easter get togethers with family. Hopefully things will start to quiet down in April.

Going back to the Zuda competition, I decided my final vote will go to The Litterbox Chronicles.

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