Thursday, January 29, 2009


51 days later they decide to send everything to binding arbitration...


The heck with it, I'm just happy it's over and I'll be getting my buses back soon. And I'll leave it at that.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Few Random Things...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to pick up my comics this week so I might as well post some other random thoughts.

First up, we have Marvel posting a picture of the "New She-Hulk" which appears to be the daughter of Thundra and the Hulk (from her stealing his DNA). I absolutely hate this. As a fan of She-Hulk who is not happy that her book is getting cancelled my first reaction was not good but I may be misunderstanding their plans. I really hope they aren't starting a new She-Hulk series with this "Thulk" (hey, if people can create "Rulk" I can go with "Thulk") as "She-Hulk" because that would seem like a kick in the pants to me. If that's not the plan, if she gets her own "Thulk: Daughter of Hulk" series then I may check it out. If she does indeed go with She-Hulk then I'll probably be passing. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but I'm getting tired of some of the crap Marvel is doing.

Secondly, we have the talk of Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell signing on for Iron Man 2, possibly as the Crimson Dynamo and Justin Hammer respectively. I'd love this. I think both are extremely talented actors. I'm already imagining just how great any scenes with Downey Jr and Rockwell together will be.

And a little while back I read an article on Newsarama discussing opportunities for breakthroughs in 2009. Regarding breaking into the digital market, it's easy to see that computers and the internet will continue to dominate comic talk but I really hope that more focus is put into using the medium properly. I usually find printed comics taken directly to digital (whether through "motion comics" or whatever else) often don't work as well for me. I think it's because the people doing the transfer really aren't considering how the story gets told. A good comic writer will use the medium to tell the story more effectively and what they do often ends up getting lost in the conversion. I find comics written specifically for the digital medium are more effective.

There seems to be a lot of talk about movies/television in that article as well. Now while I recognize the upside of those forms (more money for the creators and hopefully increasing the awareness of a good comic, etc, etc) I sometimes feel that people (creators, readers, and everyone else for that matter) see comics as the lesser form and just a stepping stone to something "better" and that worries me a bit. But then again, that's just me.

Hmm... That's all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there's more I wanted to talk about... Oh well.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Just Checking In Again...

As you've probably guessed, I wasn't able to get downtown to pick up my comics last week. In fact, I wasn't really able to get anywhere last week. As I don't own a car nor do I live in the downtown area, I've been pretty much stuck at home during the transit strike. I've had to rely on friends, family, and the odd taxi to get into work or do the necessities (pick up groceries and such) but I won't be burdening them (the friends and family I mean) even more with driving me downtown to go shopping.

So if anyone's wondering, reviews will continue to be sporadic until this thing is resolved (I'm currently guessing late January).