Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So, it is to be war between us...

Nobody really wanted to read my rant about the Oscars did they? It was mostly in support of John Stewart and such. Nothing important.

Instead, I go back to talking about the popping under my floor. So instead of wasting anyone else's time (when the floor doesn't seem to want to pop when anyone else is around) I've borrowed my mother's video camera and begun taping it and hopefully they can diagnose it from that. Now, it's not nearly as loud as it was in December and right now it might not even be enough to wake me up but it's the best shot I got at fixing this. The first try was not very successful as I was holding the camera and ended up making too much noise so it's hard to distinguish the floor popping from my fumbling with the camera. The last two days I've just placed the camera on the floor and let it record on its own. Last night, it was popping when I got home so I decided to record what it sounded like when you're in my dining area. I just stood there holding the camera up to my ceiling. I haven't checked to see if I got anything useful out of that yet.

But this battle is taking a bigger toll on me than I expected. I had thought "oh well, I'll just have to get up a little earlier to give myself time to record it". Of course, keeping things simple just ain't in my nature. When I go to bed I end up laying there, unable to get to sleep because every noise makes me stiffen as I wonder "was that a pop? Should I get up and record this?" Then I lay there for a few minutes listening for the next pop. It doesn't come. Eventually I fall asleep but the slightest noise (either in reality or in my dream... I think) has me wake up wondering if it has started popping in the middle of the night or if I've overslept and missed it (even though I soon find out it's only 3 in the morning). Yep, this simple annoying popping has become my Moby Dick and I'm obsessed with capturing it.

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