Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weekly comic reviews

Starting this week I'll be posting reviews of the comic books I read. And of course I start with a slow week for me. In fact, none of my regular books came out so I only got Exiles #79. So off we go:

Exiles #79 - First up, a very brief intro to the book. It's about a ragtag team of superheroes (and some not so super or heroes) from various dimensions who have to travel through other dimensions fixing stuff. Characters die off, they get replaced with characters from other dimensions. So we get a revolving door of differing versions of characters. So if I don't read this series why did I pick this issue up? Well, Proteus has been hopping from body to body, dimension to dimension killing his host and anyone who gets in his way. After killing Mimic he took over the Hulk from 2099 (an alternate future take on the Hulk which seems like a good host as he usually ends up eating up his host but the Hulk's healing factor keeps him alive) and now has travelled to another alternate future where the Maestro (an amped up Hulk turned evil) rules. His plan, to take on the Maestro's body. With all that Hulk action, I had to take up the series for two issues.

So without dragging this out even further (I'll try to be quicker with my future reviews, this one just seemed to need the build up), I really liked this book. Of course, with two Hulks I was bound to. But it also ties in nicely with some of the stuff that Peter David built up in his stories. We have Forge's anti-Hulk gun make an appearance, we have the female Captain Marvel, Rick Jones, and Spider-Man 2099... all Peter David stuff. And art-wise we have Paul Pelletier who is quickly becoming a favourite of mine since his work on She-Hulk and the Great Lakes Avengers. And it was all going along so well until the end. It's not quite clear to the reader exactly what happens during the last few panels. We know Power Princess threw one of Longshot's blades into the Maestro but exactly how it happened is left to the reader to decypher. It seems to me that in the confusion she could only see something big and green and assumed it was Hulk 2099 but that's just my take on it.

Overall it was a good book, especially for Hulk fans but it's disappointing that the writer and Pelletier dropped the ball with the ending.

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