Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Links

Well, not quite "random" but no real though to them.

First up we have the top 50 comic covers from Marvel Comics of 2006 on IGN.

Annihilation #5 not making the cut seems like a travesty to me. But what I first thought of when looking at the list was how many covers featured women as the main subject. Not too many. Then take those and throw away the "sexy" or "funny" (or a combination of the two in the case of some She-Hulk covers) and what are you left with? Well, try it for yourself.

Next up we have a list of the top 10 most common passwords. Sure, a lot of us laughed during Spaceballs with the whole "combination being 12345" gag but how many people became a little uncomfortable thinking "Hey, that's my combination"? And how many of them switched it to 54321? But I guess that one thing you can take from this list is that a lot of people haven't seen Spaceballs or they didn't get the joke.

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