Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weekly Comic Reviews for August 15, 2007

Only one book this week and I have to make it quick as I'm feeling slightly under the weather. I guess that means no more seeing my new nephew for a little while. :( Only one book this week and it was the Marvel Adventures Hulk.

Marvel Adventures Hulk #2 -- First up, the art in this book was okay I suppose but at times, I had trouble recognizing characters and figuring out who was who. And the writing didn't really inspire me either. I suppose I was just hoping for too much because perhaps the idea of the Hulk gaining the Multiple Man's powers and spawning off Hulk after Hulk will appeal to the younger audience. But I kinda wonder if the talk of kinetic energy or multiple aspects of a person's personality was really appropriate for the book. But that might just be me underestimating the young audiences of today. But in the end, the book missed the mark for me and it'll probably be the last Marvel Adventures Hulk book I pick up. And on a side note, it was weird seeing the Multiple Man as an established character while the Hulk is brand new. Anywho, it unfortunately doesn't make my recommended reading list even though I hope the book is a success so Marvel can continue to try to attract young readers into picking up some comics.

So that's it for this week, short and simple. And now, I'm back to bed with the hope that I can keep my lunch down. :)

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