Friday, December 07, 2007

Addendum to the previous post

One thing I forgot in my review of World War Hulk: Aftersmash, I'm getting extremely tired of Greg Land's use of wrestlers as models. Not only to use them as guides but to use their signature poses. At first I was kinda happy that he didn't use his standard Triple-H pose for Herc but it was about a second later that I was wondering why Herc was doing a Randy Orton impersonation. I suppose non-wrestling fans wouldn't catch it but I find it annoying. Put Herc in a Herc pose, not a wrestler's flex pose.

And in case you missed it, the next Zuda competition is up. I'll try to write up some reviews for each of them at some point but overall I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with this crop of comics. I'd rather see more from the first set of competitors.

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David Gallaher said...


Overall, I love what I'm seeing from Zuda this month. I think there are two exceptional pieces - that are well-crafted and well-executed (The Crooked Man and Maxy J Millionarie).

There are also several I really enjoy for different reasons (Avast Ye and Development Hell fall into that category.)

Personal favorite is The Archanid Kid, which combines elements of a children's storybook, with some western and superheroes thrown in. I could letting my kids read this. I don't find it dark or cynical. Plus, I dig the art.

So, those are currently my Top Five - in no particular order, but I like all of the strips quite a bit this month.

I think there are some pretty diverse strips on Zuda right now - and I do think it reflects some of the wide-array of webcomics on the internet. I mean, heck, IN HIS LIKENESS by James Hatton is one of my favorite strips - and all it has are a bunch of talking dots. The same could be said for SMILEY STREET by Steve Ince. Both of those strips differ wildly from GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS and GUN STREET GIRL.

- David