Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Walking Dead Volume 11

After a few issues with Amazon I finally got volume 11 of the Walking Dead. The revolving door of characters can be a positive (giving new perspective and keeping it from getting stale) and a negative (at least for me in that it's been so long since volume 10 that I can't remember who's who). So it took me a few pages to get back up to speed in this volume. I really enjoy this story for the character moments and their interaction with one another in the face of the horrors around them (zombies and others). On the one hand the story of what was happening with this latest group they come to meet didn't really do much for me. It was definitely horrific but with everything else in this series, I guess I must be desensitized to it. But the levels it pushes the main characters to is extremely emotional and the last few pages really bring it to a head and is really well done by both, writer and artist. Now I just have to wait for the next volume to come out.

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caanantheartboy said...

I'm so used to the slow burn of this series that the swift way they dealt with the people they met in this collection was a shock. It was over so quick. That, to me, was more shocking than what happened in the story. I was like, that's it? No dragging it out?

Man... decompression has changed the way we read comics, huh?