Wednesday, December 05, 2012


I don't know if breaking up the Bluenoser into volumes was a good thing or not. From a story perspective it sort of made sense. This first volume set the story and characters and the second volume moves on from there. And on a personal note, I needed the break. I was feeling pretty burnt out and needed the time to take a break, come up with a plan of attack for volume 2, and design/redesign some characters. But now that I need to get back to drawing it's actually been rather tough.

Now part of the problem is that volume 2 doesn't really start with a bang, action-wise at least, and that makes the pages not quite as interesting to draw. And I do regret that in a way, I think each page should pack a visual punch (literally or not). But I decided to start off with a story that just didn't have that. And who knows, the people commenting on DrunkDuck actually tend to comment more on the less action packed story pages and not so much on the action ones so maybe it won't be so bad (for the readers at least).

The other thing this gap has done is given me the time to second guess whether I should even be continuing the comic or not. That feeling has always been there, especially when some of the pages were taking up a lot of time or I notice the number of comments/feedback I'm getting dropping, and I find that when I stop it's hard for me to get going again. Just too many excuses.

But having said all that, I've started to push through the first page and I find the more I push through the better my motivation is getting. I just have to keep pushing through.

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