Friday, October 20, 2006

Comic Reviews for October 18th, 2006 -- SPOILERS

Three books this week, Lone Ranger #2, Elephantmen #4, and 1602: Fantastick Four #2. So let's jump right into things.

Lone Ranger #2 -- I did myself the disservice of reading this book too quickly so I had to go back and read it again. The book almost lends itself to a quick read with just how quick the story seems to be moving along and jumping from scene to scene but you really should take the time to enjoy the many elements to the story. Art wise, I found a few panels lacking (most of them featuring the new villain) but overall it was good. And the story is a good one. A lot of interesting stuff going on both in front of the reader and just out of view of the reader. And Tonto, well he's obviously an improvement over the TV version. I can't wait to see more of his character. Overall, still really enjoying this series and eager to see where it goes from here.

Elephantmen #4 -- I've been complaining a lot about the book being cut in half and I was surprised when I got halfway through this book yet the story seemed to keep going. So despite having the double cover (one on the front, one on the back when you flip the book over) it was actually one story. Hip and Ebony are together in the hospital now but the story is mostly made up by the flashback scenes as Ebony talks to Miki (the cab driver from the previous issue). The major flashback involves the story of Tusk and his abuse. The writing and the artwork combine well to really make you feel for Tusk. And when Ebony talks about why Tusk has been kept alive (first by MAPPO and now by their liberators and the doctors) you really do feel for the guy. It was a moving story and a very good book to read.

1602: Fantastick Four #2 -- The weak link for this week's comics. Art-wise it was an improvement over the first issue. Story-wise as well. But I'm still not enjoying it. Sure, I chuckled when the "complex" method of making the ship go turned out to be Ben Grimm slaving away but all the other "jokes" (like Doom actually being the one that comes up with Shakespeare's St Crispin's Day speech or Reed and Sue insisting that his invention be called a "propelsor" instead of "propeller") just made me groan. As did much of the story. I find it weird as I usually like Peter David's work so much but this book is just missing the mark on so many levels for me. So this will definitely be the last issue I pick up.

Minor edit and a minor quibble about Fantastick Four, Sue's invisibility is mentioned twice I believe (once when Reed says that he doubts people would be able to find Sue in order to hang her and I believe Ben mentions how she was able to sneak onboard). They seem to be ignoring the fact that you can see her unborn baby. So it's not like she'd be impossible to spot, just look for a floating fetus.


Dave Russell said...

I also read these comics and agree on most cases and would likely be unable to put my view to words as handily as you have.
That being said, I *loved* the Fantastick 1602. Erm...something like that. I find it odd that the things you enjoyed I found obvious but the things you didn't like got a chuckle out of me. I guess that's why we're different people. Possibly. That and the whole different parents thing. I think. We aren't related, are we? Man, I hope not 'cause that would mean I've been spending holidays at the wrong house.
Anyway, I love reading your reviews, Darrell. I find that even when I don't agree with what you're saying you say it so well that it makes me think about *why* I enjoyed or disliked certain books. Keep up the good work, sir, and I shall keep up my visits.

่”ฅ็ˆ†็‰›่‚‰Frank said...
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