Friday, October 27, 2006

Comic Reviews -- October 25th, 2006 -- Spoilers to a minimum

Only two reviews for this week but one of them is for the 6th digest of Runaway (titled "Parental Guidance"). The other is for Civil War: Choosing Sides. And we'll start there...

Civil War: Choosing Sides -- This book was inserted into the Civil War line up late and rushed through production though to be honest, it actually was done fairly well considering. It tells a few short stories about various characters that are somehow involved in Civil War (in varying degrees). But the stories are disjoint and for the most part open ended. Why? Because each of them (with the exception of the Howard the Duck story) is just a teaser for an upcoming series or storyline. Venom's story is a prelude to the revamped Thunderbolts (no big surprise). Ant-Man is for the Irredeemable Ant-Man (which has already started). USAgent... I'll leave that one for now. Iron Fist has his own series coming out. And they even throw a Guiding Light prelude into the mix. Individually, the stories weren't bad and the USAgent story had a few good points in it but it also raised some questions for me). The artwork was good in each. So all in all it wasn't necessarily a bad book but yeah, it did feel like just a promotional thing with previews of what's to come.

Runaways Volume 6: Parental Guidance -- It's been a little while since I read volume 5 (the downside to doing the digest/trade paperback thing) so it took me a minute to remind myself of where everyone's at. I gotta make this quick, work beckons. The art was solid. I really like how this artist deals with the different body types and such. The writing was great, the characters and story were excellent. My only gripe is probably with the digest format as some pages are dark and hard to make out in a smaller format. So I'm currently debating waiting for the next digest or moving to the monthly issues (especially with Whedon taking over). I'll probably still stick with the digests though.

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