Monday, April 02, 2007

Extra comic reviews -- The Life and Death of Captain Marvel

On the weekend I finished the Life and Death of Captain Marvel TPB and I figured why wait until Thursday to post a review. So let's get right to it:

The Life and Death of Captain Marvel -- This TPB reprints the first encounters between Captain Marvel and Thanos, and Captain Marvel's eventual death (from his encounter with Nitro). If I needed something to remind me how much I dislike what Marvel Comics is doing now, this was probably it. There is a reason this storyline is heralded in much of the comic community. The emotions expressed through the narratives and the artwork as the most noble of characters slowly dies of cancer is magnificent. Watching, as the "warrior" is transformed into the "protector" and reading how it changes him not only physically but emotionally and mentally you realize that Marvel's recent attempt at bringing him back not only cheapens the original story but does such a disservice to a great character. I only wish the Captain Marvel that appeared in Civil War: The Return and Civil War #7 was a clone/cyborg because nothing else seems right. And as he lays dying with all his friends surrounding his bed (and even an enemy or two show up to pay their respects) and he comes to peace with his fate (not wanting to die but knowing there's nothing that can be done for him) you are right there mourning him as well. As Thanos appears to give him one last battle, a warrior's way to go, and escort him into death's realm you realize that this was a hero that stood above others.

Okay, enough talk about the problems I have with the current Marvel and let's get back to the TPB. The art, the writing and the dialogue are all just as they were in the 70's so you have to expect that. The story is deep and meaningful but it is wrapped in a classic comics package. It's nice for us older readers to look back on, younger readers may not "get it". Having said that, the art conveys a lot of intensity and emotion to it especially for its time. And it's nice to have this TPB as it covers the character very well. You understand his importance to the people of the universe and why they are there to mourn his passing. It ranks pretty high on my must-read list.

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