Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekly Comic Reviews -- April 18th, 2007

Only one book for me this week with the Spirit #5. But fortunately I also got volumes 3 through 7 of Death Note in the mail and I'm already done reading them. And since I'm still sick with a nasty cold, we'll make these reviews short and only include minor spoilers.

The Spirit #5 -- I wasn't really blown away by this issue. It was a fun issue for the most part, the art was solid, and the different characters all remained interesting and unique. But I think the story was something that didn't really work as a full length comic. And I have to say, the "relationship" between Carrion and his feathered-friend was a little bit too friendly for me. It wasn't a strike out but it definitely wasn't a home run. More like a lead off single.

Death Note volumes 3 through 7 -- This series continues to keep me on the edge of my seat. The plot continues to deepen. The life or death battle between just about everyone rages on and the cat and mouse game keeps going even if the cat and mouse change throughout. And the way the narrative changes and you get to see each character's thought process as you go along, it really is a thrilling story to read. Though I have to say that I find Misa Amane just a little too annoying for my taste. Her costumes, her speach, and her personality just rub me the wrong way as she always seems to come across as the cute little sexy bimbo. But on the other hand, she has surprised a few people with her smarts, myself included. I'm eager to see where it goes from here and I have volumes 8 through 10 already in the mail according to Chapters.

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