Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for January 9th, 2008 -- SPOILERS

Only two books this week and they're both Hulk books. Go figure...

Hulk #1 -- I've actually been reading a few reviews after reading the book myself and most seem pretty positive. My take on the book, poop. Yep, I didn't like it. In fact, I just wanted to toss it when I was done. Now first off, I know you don't want to answer everything in the first issue but this book raises so many questions. And they aren't even questions that should be pivotal to the story. I predict not all will be answered by the end of the series but even still, it's just too messed up. Why is She-Hulk working with Tony et al now? Why does she lecture Ross about the whole World War Hulk thing when Tony (the real mastermind behind it and the one she decked because of it) is standing right there? What's with Samson's haircut and why does he snap and deck the Red Guardian? Speaking of which, given the Red Guardian hasn't had powers in the past nor is his shield isn't Cap's so why wouldn't a punch from someone the strength of Samson pretty much KO him or send him flying? Why isn't She-Hulk making mention of the last time we saw Blonsky he was "permanently" de-powered by Tony and SHIELD and in their custody, now he's supposedly walking around Russia? I could go on but it just seems that so much of this book makes no sense. One thing I found absolutely hilarious was the huge gears showing out of the "soldier"'s back, they can do life model decoys and use scans from every part of your body for security yet the guard has some huge gears showing like he's a robot from some Ed Wood movie? And their rationale that SHIELD might be involved because nobody has guns that would fit in the Hulk's hands? Really? Nobody in the world would have guns that big? Heck, the Pantheon seemed to have a buttload. The Rick Jones scene is obviously set up to make you think Rick is the new Hulk, whether that's the case or not is the question I guess. And then we get to the big payoff in the end, Ross and Samson visitting Banner in his cell. I pretty much flipped it into the trash at that point. For me, it's way WAY too soon and the wrong way to bring him back. World War Hulk was a huge monumentous event for the character where he reached a level of anger and power where the earth itself shook beneath his feet when he walked. Suddenly Banner's back all snug and cozy in a glass cell. For me, it diminishes where the character was at the last we saw him and makes little sense story-wise. It seems to me that everyone involved would be more intent on keeping Banner in a suspended state for the time being and they wouldn't go to him so quickly with news of another Hulk running around or whatever else they're going to tell him. And through all this all I can think is why the heck I'm picking up the Incredible Herc with Hercules replacing the Hulk in that title when the Hulk's story seems to be continuing in this series. If Banner wasn't involved I could see it, now I just shake my head. Now I know I'm just being a wet blanket and considering the reviews I've seen it seems that this book is being well received but personally, I think it's horrible story telling. It wouldn't make my recommended reading list... Maybe I'd say it's something you should check out for yourself because opinions will obviously differ. And yes, I will finish out the series... I'm just stupid that way.

Marvel Adventures Hulk #7 -- I'm actually enjoying this series. Fun, non-continuity based stories of the big green guy. Yes, it's aimed for children but I don't care, I just like the fluff. The art seems to be improving as the series moves along and so long as you don't over-analyze it (funny I would say that after that last review) it's an enjoyable story. You even have a moment of depth when the Hulk considers that he may actually be able to live out his dream of being along (though I doubt it) if he keeps the Surfer's powers and just stays in space. Though this kind of thing is not for everyone, yet again, it makes my recommended reading list.

I also polished off two more volumes of Ex Machina (loved them, great story telling) and am working my way through volume 2 of Strangers in Paradise (a lot of fun and interesting stuff so far).

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