Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Non-Comic Review Post

Yep, no reviews in this post. I just felt like babbling for a bit and decided what the heck, my blog doesn't need to be only about comic reviews right? So here's what's new in my life today.

I signed up for summer badminton. Exciting no? :) I wanted to sign up for some uninstructed figure drawing as well but I discovered the place I wanted to sign up at only runs it in the fall and winter. Ever since starting Divine Leap I felt like I should put more of an effort into improving and figure drawing is one area that I think could help. So I'm thinking that if that's not a possibility I might use that time to draw various environments. Maybe tour the city a bit drawing various settings. And perhaps that will help with the whole "backgrounds" issue.

Secondly, my latest shipment of TPBs to read came in yesterday. This batch of TPBs is all "Y the Last Man" stuff. I've heard so much talk about it and with it ending I figured now is the time to read it. So there will be plenty of comic reading in my near future. The downside is that the TPBs also came with another book I ordered. You see, while ordering the TPBs I also decided to pick up another book but it wasn't for me. It was for a woman I went out on a date with a couple weeks back. She was looking at it while we were in Chapters together but she didn't have the money to be buying a bunch of books. So I figured what the heck, things seemed to go well on our date and she expressed interest in going on another so I'd pick it up for her as a gift. But considering she stopped responding to my emails and has seemingly been avoiding me on MSN over the last few days things aren't looking good. Life goes on I suppose.

I also signed a two-year extension to my contract at work (as a software developer). Things have been a little rocky as of late so the 2-year contract is a nice change.

And lastly, I woke up early this morning thanks to an oncoming cold. So it's looking like I might be staying home tomorrow. And with Saturday's snow storm coming I'll probably be locking myself up for that day as well.

Enough babbling, comic reviews will most likely be back tomorrow.

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