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Weekly Comic Reviews for March 5, 2008 -- HUGE SPOILERS

Well, my cold took a turn for the worse so I decided to stay home from work. My head is swimming, my nose is running, and my throat is ... I don't know an exercise that goes with "sore throat". So after I get through these reviews it's back to the nice warm comfort of my bed.

Buffy #12 -- Uhm... Wow! I did not see that coming at all. So Buffy and Satsu... Very interesting. My first reaction was "This must be a dream, we've had a few of them already in this series, this must be another one." Then "This must be a spell or something." But nope, as the scene progresses (quite comically I might add) it's clear that this is real ... Or at least "real" in Buffy/Comic-land. So now I have to figure out how I feel about this development. And really, I feel okay about it. I don't feel it was done to shock people and sell more comics (as some have suggested). It seemed to be portrayed more as a character moment. You look at the life Buffy's led up to this point and having someone around her who loves her and cares for her as deeply as Satsu, well you can kinda see the potential there. And now they are both left to figure out where do they go from here (yes, I've listened to the Once More With Feeling CD too many times as I almost sang that outloud). But moving on to the comic as a whole, the art remains solid, Drew Goddard does a good job of capturing the characters and setting up a new storyline (one that doesn't even revolve around the Buffy/Satsu "incident"). I'm not entirely stoked about the guest appearance at the end as I didn't really care for that particular episode of Buffy but it makes sense story-wise. So yeah, the series continues to be on the top of my pile as the book I look forward to reading the most and comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1 -- I was debating whether I was going to buy this book or not. But then I realized it was coming out shortly and I hadn't removed it from my subscription list at the store so it was either buy it or stick them with it (which I hate doing). Plus, I read the first series, I might as well keep going. The first series was hit and miss for me. Some issues seemed to flow nicely and had the art match the story. Other issues seemed disjoint and the art was a little tough to follow for me. This issue seemed to work for me. The story provided enough of a flashback to help the story along and the storytelling seemed to flow okay. I'm not entirely sold on the artwork but it seemed to work here. For the die hard Stephen King fans, it's recommended reading. For others, it may just be something you might want to check out to see if it's your cup of tea.

Echo #1 -- I bought this book on a whim. I really enjoyed Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise so I figured why not give this book a shot. The artwork is fairly simple and not over the top (and is black and white) but it works for Moore's work. It tells the story well and doesn't make it over the top with flash and pizzazz. The story is... it's tough to say. In a weird way it feels like you are still in the dark as to what this story will be about yet in a short time you get to feel you know the characters, even the ones who are only there briefly. Moore seems to have a knack for connecting the reader with each and every character. I don't know where it's going but I'm sure it'll be an interesting ride so it makes my recommended reading list.

Logan #1 -- Here's another book I picked up on a whim. I'm still rather tired of Wolverine stories, especially ones that go back to his messed up history, but I've really liked a lot of Brian K Vaughan's work so I thought I'd give it a try. Plus, it's only 3 issues. After reading it, I'm not entirely sold on it. The art has a unique style to it and tells the story well. But so far I wasn't really blown away by the story. Perhaps it's just because I don't really care for the "Wolverine in Japan" stories that flooded the market for a while. So I'm checking out the series but it's one I'm holding off on recommending. Perhaps when it's done I'll suggest the TPB.

So that's it for this week. I've also made a pretty big dent in those Y the Last Man TPBs I got but I'm not sure if I'll be posting reviews of those or not. And so, I'm off to bed to try and sleep my way through this cold. Cheers!

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