Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekly Recap

It seems posting on the weekends just isn't working for me. After my usual Sunday ball hockey game (which we lost again) I had so many errands to do that I didn't get home until about 5ish. But enough about me, what's been going on this week that caught my attention.

Obvious the first thing would be Secret Invasion #1. I'm not picking it up because I'm just not that interested to invest the time and money into it. But I am reading the spoilers so I know what's going on in the Marvel universe. I was pretty surprised that issue 1 led with as much as a bang as it did.

The Time/Warner vs Siegel family dispute is still a hot topic. I'm shaking my head at people trashing the Siegel family without reading the facts of the case. I've read up a bit more and they're well within their rights to take this legal action and all this talk about breaking promises or just being greedy is a load of BS in my opinion. Time/Warner has benefitted from being allowed to extend their copyrights beyond the original 56 years, it's only right that the creators (or their families) be compensated for that extension as well.

I'm really eager for quite a few comic book movies coming out this summer. I can't even remember all the ones that are coming out but the new Hellboy 2 trailer came out this week and I'm liking it. I really liked the first movie, even more so than the comic actually. And every time I see more clips from Iron Man I'm blown away. The Dark Knight's viral campaigns are entertaining to read about but I'm eager to see a new trailer for this one now. And pictures of the Spirit hit the web (yeah, I know it's not out this summer but oh well). I have mixed feelings about this one, especially with Frank Miller directing. It may turn out to be an entertaining movie to watch but I'm not sure it'll be capturing Will Eisner's the Spirit, or at least how I see the character.

Well, I'm sure there was more to talk about but it's back to work for me. If I think of something maybe I'll add an addendum or something. :)

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